Nelson (Bill) Jarmie
    If one can imagine a mushroom heaven, rich in its beauty and diversity, then peering through a microscope of pearl and polished diamond one would surely find Nelson Jarmie. Those fortunate to have known Bill will all agree that he has earned that reward. Bill died Friday, May 14th, 2004, after an extensive and courageous battle with Parkinson Disease.
    Bill was a noted physicist who dedicated many years to the Los Alamos Labs, and had been an avid skier. We remember Bill also as a long time member of NAMA and NMMS who contributed significantly to the world of amateur mycology.
    I remember my first visit to a meeting of NMMS, in 1995. The program was offered by Bill Jarmie and Fran Rogers, who were just completing a 5-year study of Los Alamos area fungi. There could not have been a better presentation to stimulate the interest of one just introduced to the experience of amateur mycology. Along with a vivid description of their project, Bill and Fran presented their soon-to-be-published Report for the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Bill & Fran also amassed an impressive collection of fungal specimens which they ultimately donated to the Denver Botanic Gardens.
    What little time I had to spend with Bill I enjoyed immensely. I wish there had been more. I hope that at the upcoming NMMS Foray we can dedicate a portion of our time to remembering Bill Jarmie. And most certainly at the Banquet which follows, we will raise our glasses in his honor.
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