NMMS 1998 Foray Report
David Wallis - 1998-o8-3o
   I believe all who attended will agree that our 1998 Foray was a monumental success. We commend Doris Eng for her inspiration and energy and resolution to get us onto the Valle Grande. Eighty people attended the Foray, which with the exception of the NAMA Foray in Angelfire, made this the club's largest Foray. Every participant had opportunity to spend a day on the Valle Grande and see for a change what its like to be on the inside looking out. The exceptional nature of the Foray was enhanced by the participation of four Mycologists: Harry Thiers, Nancy Smith Weber, Harold Keller, and Vera Evenson.
   Although things got a bit chaotic at the collection tables, we managed to compile a pretty good list of species. We show 177 species for the entire Foray with 99 species confirmed by Mycologists. The corresponding numbers for just the Valle Grande are 106 and 71. The species lists are available on the NMMS Website.
   Roslyn Block organized a first-class mushroom tasting session. She expressed appreciation for all those who cooked, cleaned, and contributed to its overall success. Roslyn thanked Carolyn Buskirk, Pierre Grand, Nancy Daniel, Kris Segerstrom, Doris Eng, Ann Therrien, Jane Caudill, Larry Weingarten, and also those who brought electric skillets or hot plates and, of course, everyone who donated edibles for the cause. We should also mention John Rahart, who, although he could not attend the Foray, paid a special visit to Los Alamos to deliver some Colorado-picked Matsutake for the tasting.