Armijo-Sulphur Canyon Loop Hike
East side of Sandias near Doc Long's
NMMC Info:
  • Class I+ - 5 Miles
  • Meet: WF - Car: 30 Miles
  • Hike Description written by Terri & David Wallis

  • Hike Description:
  • Depart Sulphur Canyon parking lot.
  • Hike on paved road to Cienega Canyon, then east to Armijo Trail.
  • Follow Armijo Trail to Faulty Trail
  • From this trail junction, there is an unmarked trail which leads up Armijo Canyon. Torro Spring is about 15 minutes up this trail and makes for a pleasant addition to this hike.
  • Follow Faulty Trail north to Sulphur Canyon and back to cars.
  • This route is approx 5 miles with an elevation variance of 8oo ft (71oo-79oo).

  • Map (hike route marked in blue, trail to Torro Spring in yellow)
  • NM Mtn Club Website

    dmw . 2o13-o2-18