Faulty Figure-8 Hike
East side of Sandias near Doc Long's
NMMC Info:
  • Class I+ - 4 Miles
  • Meet: WF - Car: to Doc Long PG 35 miles RT
  • Hike Description written by Terri & David Wallis
  • Elevation variation 55o ft.

  • Hike Description:
  • Depart Doc Long parking lot ($3 parking fee or annual permit).

  •     (Yellow)
  • Follow the Bill Spring Trail until its sharp left, uphill turn.
  •   (Purple)

    The trail sign varies, depending on who has corrected it last. Most maps show this as the Faulty Trail, but it could also be considered a continuation of the Bill Spring Trail and might be called the "New" Faulty Trail.
  • After the left turn follow the trail to the sign marking the Oso Corredor Trail.
  • Take the left (lower) fork and continue to Sulphur Canyon.
  • A short distance before intersecting the Sulphur Canyon Trail is the intersection of the original (or "True") Faulty Trail.
  •     (White)

  • Follow the "True" Faulty Trail back to its intersection with the Bill Spring Trail.
  • Cross the Bill Spring Trail and creek and continue along the Faulty Trail to the old road bed.
  • At the last curve in the old road bed, the Faulty Trail continues over a small ridge and angles toward Barrow Canyon, at which point, one can cross the road or walk through the culvert and contine north along Barrow Canyon. This stretch of the Original Faulty Trail is sometimes referred to as the "Mystery Trail."
  • follow the old road bed until ends at a pile of large boulders.
  • Go around the boulders and drop down the hill to the Doc Long parking lot.

  • Map (Hike route marked in yellow, purple, & white.)
  • Map 2 (larger area variation of above)
  • NM Mtn Club Website

  • MycoWest.net/hikes/figure8.htm
    dmw . 2o13-o3-27

    ~84p - 640