Saturday/Sunday Field Trip Schedule for 1999.
  • Includes a history of members' excursions into the field.
  • Field trips have been traditionally scheduled for alternating Sundays and Saturdays with each day's destination being decided by participants.
  • Meet at the Natural History Museum, 1801 Mountain Rd, Albuq.
  • Field Trips leave at 7:30AM - no later!
  • For additions or information, contact David Wallis.
  • 1997 Field Trips
  • 1998 Field Trips
  • This year's first organized Field Trip(s) occurred on Sunday 18 July -- see table below.
    Date Area Participants Species Found Conditions
    Sunday 18 Jul Jemez
    La Manga Pass (CO)
    Sharon Chong, Peggy Gorresen
    David & Terri Wallis
    Lobster, Leccinum,Agaricus (1)
    lots of jelly fungus
    Saturday 24 Jul Jemez Susie Parlier, Sharon Chong, Peggy Gorresen Russula, Leccinum dry
    Sunday 1 Aug ? ?    
    Saturday 7 Aug ? ?    
    Sunday 8 Aug
    (not scheduled day)
    Jemez - Fenton Hill & fr144 David & Terri Wallis B.barrowsii (in P.p areas), Leccinum, Agaricus. NO shaggy manes or B.edulis moist
    Sunday 15 Aug Santa Fe Ski Basin Steve Trudell, David & Terri Wallis, Sharon Chong, Susie Parlier, Linda Moscarella    
    Saturday 21 Aug
    (Foray weekend)
    Sunday 29 Aug        
    Saturday 4 Sep        
    Sunday 12 Sep        

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