Outing Reports for 2000
  • Question Mark (?) indicates that detail is tentative.
  • Once Field Trips have begun, the list will link to a Field Trip Report.
  • Field trips have been traditionally scheduled for alternating Sundays and Saturdays with each day's destination being decided by participants.
  • Meet at the Annex parking lot of the Natural History Museum, 1801 Mountain Rd, Albuq.
  • Field Trips traditionally leave at 7:30AM.
  • For additions or information, contact David Wallis.
  • Date Area Leader/Contact Details/Report
    Sat 8 Apr
    Sandias David Wallis ft000408.htm
    Sat 15 Apr
    Cinque Terre, Italy Sharon Chong ft000415.htm
    Sat 20 May Jemez   ft000520.htm
    Sat 15 July
    Santa Fe Ski Basin David Wallis ft000715.htm
    1 Aug Rociada Barbara Marigold fr000801.htm
    Sat 5 Aug Las Vegas Barbara Marigold ft000805.htm
    13 Aug Las Vegas Barbara Marigold fr000809.htm
    18-20 Aug
    Taos Foray    

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