Condition Report
  • East side of Sandias
  • South slope of Tejano Canyon between Doc Long & Tree Spring TH (25oo-26ooM)
  • 2o April 2oo8

  • Conditions:
  • The dusting of snow from a few days ago was gone, but there were still snowbanks on some of the north-facing slopes. I expect they will be mostly gone in another week or two. Trails for the most part are clear and fairly dry.
  • The air temp was probably around 40 at o8:3o, but there was evidence that it is still below freezing at night.
  • The ground was still moist, but the surface is already getting crunchy.

    Fungi: There were no snowbank fungi, but at 25ooM we found a few ascomycetes hiding under the leaf litter. We also received a report yesterday that some were fruiting around 225oM.

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