Condition Report
East side of Sandias
Saturday, 1o May, 2oo8

  • We walked from the Tree Spring TH to the top of TS Trail.


  • It was very dry except in the immediate vicinity of the few remaining snowbanks--where it was still pretty dry.


  • We found some Caloscypha specimens and a couple of myxomycetes.
  • Critters
  • We encountered a small pack (about a dozen) of Abert's Squirrels at the Trailhead. We watched them for a short while to see if some would excavate any hypogeous fungi. They seemed primarily occupied with chasing each other up and down and through the trees.
  • We heard a turkey, so it seems that at least one is still in that area. Juncos and Chickadees were abundant. We saw one thrush.
  • Lots of bear sign, but no bears--and better yet, no bear cubs.
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