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• In 2o13 the New Mexico Mycological Society (NMMS) returned to Pagosa Springs for its Annual Foray.
• NMMS welcomed members of NAMA and other NAMA-affiliated mycological organizations to join us and our Foray Mycologists Jay Justice and Clark Ovrebo.
• Field trips ventured into the San Juan National Forest, where we visited elevations from 7500 to over 10,000 ft.
• As in 2o12, this event was operated under a special use permit with the San Juan National Forest.

• Dates: 22-25 August, 2o13
• Location: Pagosa Springs, CO

Lodging & Foray Headquarters:
    Quality Resort
    3505 West Highway 160
    Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
(formerly the Pagosa Lodge - same place as 2o12. Not sure if it's still in business.)

• Room rate for this Foray was $80 per night (plus tax). Breakfast was included with room rental.
• Participants were responsible for reserving their own lodging.
• Deadline for both Foray and Room Reservations were initially August 7, but later changed to August 15.

Foray Fee:
• The fee of $120 per person covered 4 meals (Friday and Saturday Lunch & Dinner) and Foray costs.
• Breakfasts were included with Room Registration at the Quality Resort (and were not included in the Foray Fee). Those Not staying at the Lodge could purchase breakfast for an additional $9 per meal.

Mycologists:  Jay Justice & Clark Ovrebo

Field Trips
• Making use of the trips already scouted and mapped for the 2o12 Foray, the Foray planners offered destinations and recruited volunteer leaders for Friday's Field Trips. Participants had to either provide transportation to and from Field Trip sites, or if riding in another participant's vehicle, be prepared to share transportation costs with that driver.

Who Was Invited: 
• NMMS welcomed participation from current members of MSA, the North American Mycological Association (NAMA), and members of NAMA-affiliated mycological organizations. NAMA-affiliates include (but are not limited to) 4cmc, CMS, PPMS, and NMMS.
• We suggested that non-members (of MSA, NAMA, or a NAMA-affiliate) consider joining NMMS, CMS, or NAMA.
• Non-members could attend by paying an additional $10 fee. This fee covered NMMS membership for the second half of 2o13.
Note & commentary (dmw): The 2o12 Pagosa Foray was a significant variation from NMMS' usual Foray, in part because it was outside of NM. This is why NMMS paired with 4cmc, a regional NAMA affiliate, to host the event. That Foray involved a significant amount of preparation and planning--more so than most NMMS Forays.
  Occassionally there are folks who see that an earlier Foray had gone smoothly and believe it would be easy to repeat. This was the case in 2o13, when some NMMS Board members (none of whom had been involved in previous Foray planning) decided to take on the task themselves. One Board member even stated that they were sure they could do it better than the year before. It is unfortunate when some members take a competative stance rather than one of cooperation.
  It was in anticipation of those few Board members' decision to organize a Foray that I put together a page describing NMMS Foray History and Guidlines to aid in their pursuit.
  The 2o13 Foray was significantly less-attended than 2o12 (42 compared to 69). This was probably due mostly the the 2o12 event having been promoted agressively to members of NAMA, CMS, PPMS, as well as 4cmc & NMMS. Promotion of the 2o13 Foray was minimal.
  Fortunately the 2o13 event occurred without any major issues. Although the venue had changed ownership (or at least management) since 2o12, the location was the same and most aspects of the Foray (field trips and so on) had not changed. Probably the biggest glitch was with the restaurant serving us dinner. Rather than a buffet, which we did in 2o12, they wanted to take orders and serve us individual meals. That did not go well.
dmw . 2o23-o3-3o

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