Field Trip Schedule for 2003
- NMMS Field trips have been traditionally scheduled for alternating Sundays and Saturdays with each day's destination being decided by participants.
- Unless specified otherwise, meet at the Annex parking lot of the Natural History Museum.
- Field Trips traditionally leave at 7:30AM.
- For additions or information, contact David Wallis.
- Dates listed below link to specific Field Trip Reports
Sun 2feb03 - NM Mtn Club Hike
Sat 5apr03 - NM Mtn Club Hike somewhere in the Sandias
Sun 13apr03 - Sandia Scouting Report
16-17aug03 - Taos & Vicinity
I would hope that those folks desiring to carpool can work that out among themselves. I suggest that those wishing to do so:
- Consult the Contact List to find someone living near you  -or-
- Contact me either by Email or phone, and let me know that you plan to participate, would like to carpool, and if you prefer to drive, get a ride, or either. This info I can then add to the appropriate Field Trip page.
Parking in the Sandias
- There is a $3 daily parking fee in the Sandias. Those who think they will be frequenting the Sandias might consider purchasing an annual pass for $30 (good for 2 vehicles and valid for a year following the month of purchase.) You can get a permit at the main Cibola NF office: 2113 Osuna Rd NE, ABQ. They will require the auto registration for each vehicle.
- For more information visit the Cibola NF webpage:
- In 2001 I began including on Field Trip Reports the GPS co÷rdinates (when known) for meeting places and foray sites.
- I use one or both of these co÷rdinate systems:
 . Lat/Long (in the form of decimal degrees)
 . UTM co÷rds in a 'zen' format (zone,east,north). Probably any place we foray will be in zone 13, but I'll include that piece of information to avoid any uncertainty.
- Visit the GPS/GIS Links page for more information.
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