Outings: Hikes & Mycological Field Trips
Upcoming NMMS Field Trips
Field Trip participation is a benefit of NMMS membership. A list of dates and destinations, and space for planning and discussion, are available on the NMMS Wild Apricot site. (member login required)

Past Hike & Field Trip Reports
• From 2o13-2o17, NMMS Field Trips were posted on the NMMS Members' Forum. (no longer available)
• Beginning in 2o18, NMMS Field Trips have been posted on the NMMS Wild Apricot site.

Details from 1997-2o12 are indexed below.
2o12 / 2o1o / 2oo9 / 2oo8 / 2oo7
2oo6 / 2oo5 / 2oo4 / 2oo3 / 2oo2
2oo1 / 2ooo / 1999 / 1998 / 1997
(There were no NMMS field trips in 2o11.)
I would hope that those folks desiring to carpool can work that out among themselves. The NMMS Field Trip forum is a good place to do that.
Parking in the Sandias
• There is a $3 daily parking fee in the Sandias. Those who think they will be frequenting the Sandias might consider purchasing an "Enchantment Pass" for $40 (valid for a year following the month of purchase) or an Interagency Recreation Pass for $80 (discount for seniors).
• For more information visit the Cibola NF webpage: www.fs.usda.gov/cibola.
• In 2oo1 I began including on Field Trip Reports the GPS coördinates (when known) for meeting places and foray sites.
• For more information go to the GPS Location and GPS/GIS Links pages.
Hike Descriptions
Foray Index
Jemez and Los Alamos Field Trips
dmw . 2o24-o2-29

BFTP (blast from the past) - the below text, which is no longer current, harks back to the good ol' days of NMMS; we include it here as a reminder of how we used to do it.
NMMS Field trips have been traditionally scheduled for alternating Sundays and Saturdays with each day's destination being decided by participants. However, it is a good idea to check this webpage for details on specifically planned events.
• Unless specified otherwise, meet at the Annex parking lot of the Natural History Museum at or before 7:15AM (beginning July 31st).
• Field Trips originating at the Natural History Museum leave the Museum at 7:30AM.
• For additions or information, contact David Wallis.